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Outside Business Consultant

Outside Business Consultant

Wealth Control Advisors has long enjoyed being an outside and independent resource for businesses and business owners. With more than forty years of experience, our team has a knowledge base and experience that can bring a different and valuable experience.

Advice- Working for the business

Our team can be an independent resource that you can call on to review a business’s existing or proposed employee benefit, executive benefits, retirement programs, and succession planning.

 After the review, we can tell you the strengths and weakness of the design, possible pitfalls, alternatives, and even opportunities.

Collaboration- Working together with the business

For fellow financial professionals, law firms, CPA firms and similar professionals we can be called in to help design a case for their clients or review a design- to help ensure the utmost quality.

The level of my involvement is entirely up to the client. I can work strictly behind the scenes and communicate mostly through email or over the phone, I can meet in person with my client or their whole team, or I can even come to the final presentation to their clients to answer questions if desired.  

Education- We are also often brought into firms on an educational basis to teach lawyers, accountants and other financial professionals about topics that overlap our various industries and effect all of our clients. Topics like sweeping changes in the insurance and financial industries, how new tax rules affect how we design financial plans, insurance, and estate planning, how health and longevity impact succession and retirement planning and how a long-term care event can have ripple effects in both a family and in various business settings.  

Broker/Agent- Implementation & Customer Service

For every product and concept that we can educate on and review, we can also design a plan and implement it for you. Some of the businesses we consult or collaborate with prefer keeping things separate and use us as a second opinion, while others appreciate the full-service aspect.  

We are licensed in states across the nation, and broker products from many of the top-rated firms. We also believe in going the extra mile for the clients, striving to make the process as painless of the client as possible, with follow up customer service that is always personalized and timely.