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Discover: Your Vision

Comprehensive wealth planning cannot be carried out in a vacuum. You must know how you are doing, what risks you face and where your opportunities may lie. In our Discovery meeting, we help you to realize how the power of your vision, goals and all aspects of your wealth can make a difference for the people and causes you value in your life.

One outcome of the process is your having defined clear goals, such as the following:

  • "Pass values and responsibility to my family members."
  • "Reduce my taxes on income, capital gains, gifts and my estate."
  • "Create a succession or exit plan for my business interest."
  • "Maintain control over my life and personal affairs."
  • "Protect my assets from government penalties, taxes and lawsuits."
  • "Manage, protect and enhance the value of my business."
  • "Create a charitable foundation where my family members can actively direct gifts to personal causes they value."
  • "Achieve tax-free conversion of paper profits to assure my lifestyle."
  • "Implement a plan for my long term care, should I get sick and need care."
  • "Establish a permanent legacy."

You may be surprised how talking with us helps you to clarify what truly matters to you. Focusing on your values in this manner can help assure that all aspects of your wealth – human, intellectual, and financial – are in your control.