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Wealth Control Advisors is proud to serve a diverse clientele, at all stages of life.

From couples just starting their families to those preparing for retirement and beyond. Entrepreneurs just starting out, multigenerational family businesses or nationwide organizations. 

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Business owners



We work with families and individuals at all stages of life.

We help people early in the lives, marriages and careers lay down a good foundation for their financial future with planning, education and financial vehicles.

Later we help our clients when families grow or change, we update old plans and make adjustments for life's varied changes. We prepare for new challenges and opportunities.

When our clients have medical or financial issues, we help them navigate the planning we have put together, logistics of using the products that are in place and help them understand their options.

As clients approach retirement, we offer retirement distribution planning and financial reviews, we discuss the latest news and social security options. 


Wealth Control Advisors can help you to attract and retain key talent by ensuring that your valued employees and even minority owners are rewarded appropriately for their efforts.

Succession Planning and Funding:

Unfunded, underfunded or outdated succession plans can result in major problems in the event of death, disability or retirement of an owner. If family members depend on business assets for their support or inheritance, the consequences can be dire. We offer insight and solutions for succession planning.

Executive Compensation:

Unfortunately, most employee benefit plans legally discriminate against senior management and other highly compensated employees. We can help you eliminate gaps with strategic solutions, often structured as tax-deductible business expenses. We can truly protect the rainmakers who are critical to the growth and continuing success of your business.

Employee Benefits:

We design and implement comprehensive benefit plans that address real needs and are optimized for both impact and savings. The results include better budgets, happier employees and healthier companies.

Retirement, Pension and Profit Sharing Plans:

As a business owner, you have a fiduciary responsibility to evaluate, select and monitor the investments and fees of your company sponsored retirement plan on an ongoing basis. If you do not actively embrace this responsibility, your personal assets may be at risk. Our team can help provide cost-effective, timely solutions.