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Life Events

Getting Married- Getting married changes many of your needs and goals. If you don’t yet have a will, now is the time to write one. If you have one, now is the time to review it. Marrying also changes your tax situation, your household income and needs. 

Getting Divorced- In times of divorce it is a very good idea to give us a call. We can do an audit of assets for the divorce. We can be a very valuable resource during a divorce. After the divorce we can review your will, change beneficiaries and revise your master plan and goals to adjust for your new life.

Having a child- Having a child changes everything. After the birth of a child we can start college savings plans, review your will (or help you initiate one) and re-evaluate your goals and needs.

Disability or Long Term Care Issue- if you become disabled or have a long term care issue that can affect much of the planning we have put in place. If you have purchased disability income insurance or a long term care policy we can advise you on your benefits and help you access them during a claim. We also often design an insurance strategy with features in place that can eliminate the need to pay premiums if you have a lengthy disability.

Changing Jobs/ Change in income- A change in income can change your goals and needs. With a major change you may want to pay down your debt, evaluate your investments and insurance needs, change saving or spending habits.

Opening a business- Opening a business is a wonderful opportunity, and includes many new responsibilities. We routinely help new business owners design and implement their buyout agreements, group benefits, executive incentive plans, as well as insurance policies covering business overhead in case of disability.

In the startup phase we can also help our clients find required cash flow, or financial sources for their initial capital. We also discuss minimizing or insuring against financial risks as well as tax considerations.

Buying a Home/ Moving- Whenever you move, we need to be informed so we can change your mailing address in our systems. After you have bought your home you may want to discuss these changes with your legal advisor,  as well as review your plan with this new asset in mind.

Death of a loved one- The death of a loved one is always a trying time. We can advise you on any estate issues, collaborate with your other key advisors, make any appropriate beneficiary changes, review or revise your financial plan and of course delivery any death benefit where applicable.