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Insurance Reviews

Insurance is a very handy tool to have in your financial toolbox. All insurance products insure you against some form of financial risk.

To be the most effective, insurance cannot be designed in a vacuum.  Insurance policies serve you best when they are designed with the right information in hand. Would you buy the Economy auto insurance on your brand new car or if your 16 year old child just got their license? Would you forgo health insurance this year if you knew you had a family history of heart disease or cancer? Probably not. 

So why would you buy life insurance that way?

When insurance agents sell policies without all of the facts, they are doing their clients a disservice.

Our Insurance Reviews look at each policy in the context of all of your other policies and your current financial situation. Our goal is to make sure all of your policies work together and keep you well protected. We identify gaps in your coverage and places where you may be over or under insured.