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Customer Service Promise

At Wealth Control Advisors we believe in quality and we are committed to giving our clients the best service possible.  

Part of that service is to keep in touch with you throughout the years…

A fact of life is that nothing stays the same if you have a major life event like changing jobs, buying a house or getting married- that will change your goals and needs. We keep in touch with you so that when these changes happen we can update your plan. 

Life Events-Whenever a life event happens, let us know and we will quickly and efficiently make any changes you may need. This can be as simple as a change of beneficiaries after a child is born or completely reimagining your future. We are here for you.

Opportunities- Our commitment to you does not end when you leave our office. We review your accounts annually and keep an eye out for opportunities. Our job is to let you know when opportunities arise, the choice to act on them is yours.

Customer Service- Did you lose an annual statement or want to see how your portfolio is doing? A little strapped for cash and want to see what your options are? If you ever need any help with anything, if you have questions, comments or concerns please feel free to call our office or email us and we will be there for you